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Registering in the Qbend Website

What is Qbend?
Qbend is an online resource that hosts ebookstores for publishers worldwide. They present the books and other digital materials, organize and distribute the materials, facilitate their purchase, and then maintain user's records of their past purchases. Full user support is provided for each stage of the process.
How do I create a Qbend account to purchase and download ebooks?
You can register for a Qbend account by clicking on "Register" at the top of the page and filling in all the required details. Once done, click on the "Create" button, and your account will be created. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided at registration. That email will include an activation link, and once you have clicked that link your account will be activated and you are ready to purchase and download ebooks and other materials.
What is a Qbend ID?
Your registration email address and associated password serve as a Qbend ID that can be used to access any of the several ebookstores powered by Qbend. A list of Qbend stores is given on the Qbend support pageNOTE: The Qbend ID is used for purchasing and retrieving records of your purchases. It is completely separate from the Adobe ID used to authorize the books in your devices.
I submitted the registration but i do not see any emails with the activation link.
Does Qbend offer a return policy?
All titles purchased from Qbend are nonrefundable and cannot be exchanged nor returned. Please double check your shopping cart list and the book descriptions before purchase. If you face any technical difficulties, please contact us through Customer Support and we will help.

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Purchasing from the Website

How do I add books to my shopping cart?
Click on the shopping-cart icon adjacent to the book on the right-hand side of the page. You can also click on the book cover image or information icon to read more about the book, and then click the "Add to Cart" link. When successfully added to the cart a notification message will show to confirm the addition.  The "Add to Cart" link will become inactive once that book is in your cart.
How do I access my shopping cart for review or editing?
The cart icon to the right of the book cover is inactive once a book has been entered into it, but the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page shows the number of books in the cart, and it can be used as a link to the cart.
How do I remove or edit contents of my shopping cart?
Go to the Shopping Cart from the link at the top of the page. Then click on the check box next to the price of the book, and then click on the link "Remove Item" or "Move to Wish List" below the list. The selected item(s) will be removed or moved as you selected.
How do I use the Wish List for future purchases?
The Wish List is a convenient way to store in your account records a list of books that you might want to purchase at a later date. To add a book to the list, press the star icon on the right. You can then view your Wish List from a link on the left, and from within the List you can later remove the book, or move it to your shopping cart. When you log back in at a later time, the list will be there for you. If a book appears not to move to the Wish List when trying, it is likely already in the Wish List.
Single book purchase?
The dollar icon on the right of the page bypasses the shopping cart and takes you directly to a page to buy the associated book. This process overrides any books that are in the Shopping Cart, so if multiple books are to be purchased, it would be best to add them to the cart, and then check out from within the Shopping Cart page.
What are my payment options?
Payment depends on where you are located when you purchase the book. Please check the payment checkout page for further details. All payment options are encrypted and secure. Credit card charges are processed via PayPal. This does not require a PayPal account.
What is PayPal?
PayPal is popular e-commerce solution allowing secure payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. You can use your PayPal account or a standard credit card without having a PayPal account.
What is Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a copy-protection program coordinated by Adobe Systems. It means the purchased books can only be read on a computer or mobile device authorized by the person who purchased the book.
Does Qbend provide promotion codes or gift coupons?
Qbend does not but, the publisher may at times provide promotional codes or gift certificates. Please check the publisher's website and other publicity directly. If you have a code, enter it during the checkout process and then press Apply to see the credit.
I am a teacher, can I order ebooks for my whole class to share?
Ebooks delivered under digital rights management (DRM) are restricted to the Adobe ID that is associated with the initial purchase. Thus a teacher cannot give out a book they purchased to their students to view in their own computers or mobile devices. Teachers whose school owns multiple devices could, within the Adobe license limits, authorize several of them for the use of the book, then the book could be read by students in the classroom on these limited number of computers or tablets.
Can I buy an ebook to give as a gift to someone else?
Ebook gift purchases are not available in Qbend at present.
Once I have purchased my ebook will it be always available?
Yes. Just login and go to the Download Basket. A record of all of your purchases and access to books for future downloads are permanently stored in your records. Your Qbend ID email address is the key to your personal ebook library. If you use multiple emails, make a note of the one used here.
I have a gift certificate or promo coupon, but the store says the code is not valid?
If the gift or promotion code is not working, please check the following steps.
(1) Have you entered the valid coupon code correctly? (Codes are casE seNsitive. Remove leading or trailing blank spaces.)
(2) Have you shared a gift certificate with anyone? If someone has used a gift code it becomes invalid.
(3) If you received the gift coupon for a particular Qbend-powered ebookstore, the code will be valid only in that ebookstore.
(4) The code may be time limited and the code has expired.

If you believe none of the above is the problem, then please contact us through Customer Support and we will help you

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Downloading ebooks from the ebookstore

What is the step by step process to download and run the ebooks
(1) Purchase the book. At the completion of the purchase you will see a link "Return to Qbend LLC," which takes you back to the ebookstore.

(2) You will then be redirected to your Download Basket. If that does not happen, then just go to the ebookstore by any means and login and view the Download Basket from a link on the left side of the page.

(3) On that page you can read the instructions on now to download the Adobe Digital Editions reader or BlueFire Reader. You also find there the link to download the book file. If you need to download the book again to the same or another device, you would come back to this same Download Basket to do so.

(4) NOTE. When you press the download button, some browsers will block the process as a security measure, so you must click the warning they present and give the browser permission to download. Then press download again.

(5) You will then receive a small file named book_title.ascm.  This is not the book itself. It is the key needed to download the book that includes the identification of your purchase.

(6) If you have not done so already, install Adobe Digital Editions as explained in the Download Basket, and check out the detailed instructions they include inside the program.  You will need to get an Adobe ID to identify and manage your ADE ebooks and you will need to authorize your computer for use of your ID. These are both onetime steps that will not need repeating. Then double click the .ascm file to initiate the first view of the book. NOTE: When ADE asks for a vendor, leave that field with the default value of "Adobe ID." 
Can I print or copy from my ebooks?
Print and copy options are based on publisher's preference. Most ebooks with DRM and ebooks with print versions available cannot be printed. Please look at the ebook description for the available permissions before purchasing.
I deleted my ebook accidentally.  Can I download it again.
Yes, you can download all the items that you have purchased from your Download Basket.
I couldn't find my downloaded ebook files in my computer. Where can I find them?
The default storage place for the Adobe ebooks will be in a folder called (My) Digital Editions, located in your (My) Documents folder. NOTE: You will need to find these files if you wish to copy them from a computer to a mobile device like an iPad or Android tablet.  These files will have the standard .pdf or .epub extensions, but they will not open in any program other than Adobe Digital Editions on an authorized device.
Can i read Qbend content on an iPad or iPhone?
Yes. You can read the titles purchased from a Qbend ebookstore on the iPad by installing the Bluefire Reader App.  Find complete details on authorizing and loading titles to your Bluefire reader app at the Bluefire Support page. NOTE: pdf ebooks are best viewed on the larger screens of an iPad or computer. For mobile devices with smaller screens the flowing text of the epub format would be better suited, but graphics would have to be zoomed and panned to be read on a small screen.
Can i read Qbend content on a Nook device?
You can add the titles purchased from the Qbendstore on the Nook device just by following these 5 simple steps.
(1) Download the Pdf or the ePub files to your computer.
(2) Then connect your Nook device to the computer.
(3) Add the Pdf or the ePub files to a folder called "My Documents" in the Nook device.
(4) Once the files are added in the folder, disconnect the Nook device from the computer.
(5) Once the Nook device is disconnected, browse the Nook device and you would find a folder called "My Library". Under this folder you would find another folder called "My Documents" where you can find your pdf and the epub files.
Can i read Qbend content on an Android Device?
Yes, you can read the titles purchased from a Qbend ebookstore on the Android device by installing the Aldiko Reader Application from the Android Market. You can also read Qbend content on an Android device using the Bluefire Reader for Android.

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File Formats

Which format does Qbend Support?
For now Qbend supports PDF, ePub, and flash formats. More formats are planned.
Is the content downloaded from your website compatible with my device?
Qbend provides content in PDF, ePub, and flash formats.  These are supported by a wide range of devices and readers. Books with DRM must be viewed on an ADE supported device, which are listed at the Adobe Digital Editions Supported Devices page.
What is an .acsm file?
The .acsm file is the Adobe Digital Editions ebook identification file. When you purchase an ebook, it is this file that you receive as proof of ownership.  When you execute that file in your device, the book is then downloaded to your device under the auspices of Adobe in partnership with Qbend, the representative of the publisher.

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About Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

What is Adobe Digital Editions?
Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a free ebook reader, with an associated management and distribution system for various forms of digital publications. There are versions or apps for Macs and PCs, as well as many tablets and phones. ADE can also manage materials published with digital rights management by offering a user ID and a way to authorize devices to read the materials. ADE supports materials in epub and pdf formats.
Where should I download Adobe Digital Editions?
Both Mac and Windows versions are available at this link: Download ADE.
Why do I need to authorize my computer with an Adobe ID?
Publications that are copy protected with digital rights management (DRM) can only be viewed in devices that are identified with the owner of the publication. This identity is carried out by authorizing your device with your Adobe ID. The Adobe ID also serves to help organize your ebooks into a library on your device, which makes it valuable even for books without DRM.
What is the maximum number of devices that I can authorize?
You can activate up to six devices with your Adobe ID.
How do I download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)?
To view the Qbend ebooks in your computer, you will need to install the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions.
(A) Go to Adobe Digital Editions download page. There is a link for Mac or Windows versions. NOTE: You may need to install an update to your Flash Player to complete the installation. There are also sample ebooks and other information on that page that explains the system in more detail.

(B) If you do not have one already, you will be asked whether you would like to activate your Adobe Digital Editions with Adobe ID. If you have an Adobe ID, enter your ID and password and click "Authorize Computer." If you want to create an Adobe ID, click "Get an Adobe ID online."

If you do not want to use an Adobe ID, there is an option to "Authorize my computer without an Adobe ID." This option will restrict the viewing of your book to this computer. See Best Practices below for discussion of these options.

(C) Click Continue and Finish and you are done with the ADE installation. The full process takes just seconds.

(D) Once ADE is installed, go to your Downloads folder and click on the acsm file.  It will automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions and download your content for you, and you are ready to read the book.  The next time you come back to ADE, it is just one click to open the book to where you left off.
Can I transfer ebooks that I have downloaded to another computer or device?
Viewing ebooks on multiple devices depends on the permissions set for that particular ebook. Please click on the "View Restrictions" link in the content details page for permission details. Most ADE books can be downloaded to another device using your Adobe ID. They are not actually "transferred," in that the authorization is not canceled in the original device, but a new device can also be authorized to view the books. Thus the limit of 6 authorizations cannot be extended by discontinuing use in one of the devices. You can, however, contact Adobe Support and request that your authorization count be reset if needed.
What are the requirements to get an Adobe ID?
An Adobe ID is a free, non-intrusive way of identifying users. You just need to provide a name, country, and email address. You can create your Adobe ID when prompted within Adobe Digital Editions as you authorize your computer, or go directly to a sign up page to get the ID. Your Adobe ID is also usable for other services from Adobe such as obtaining tech support, forum participation, and access to trial software.
BEST PRACTICES for managing your ebooks with DRM.
Since ebooks protected by DRM are designed to be restricted to specific users and the devices they control, it is best to follow standard procedures to maintain easy and consistent access to your library of books by following these simple steps.

(1) Obtain a single Adobe ID and record in a safe place the email address you used for this purpose.
(It is very easy to get new Adobe ID, but using more than one Adobe ID can very easily confuse the library records of books you own, which in turn can limit which devices can read which books.)

(2) Use this same Adobe ID for all of your ADE ebook authorizations. Note: The email used for the Adobe ID does not have to be the same one you use at ebookstores to buy the ebooks. Your Adobe ID and your Qbend ID are completely separate, although your purchase records are also easier to access at a Qbend bookstore if you use the same Qbend ID for all purchases.

(3) After your purchase an ebook you receive a link to download its ascm file.  But before doing the actual download, be sure to have ADE installed on your computer and authorized with your Adobe ID.  Then when you download and double click the ascm file, it will seamlessly download the full book file, open it, and place the book in your ADE library.

(4) Always use your Adobe ID when you first open a book. On first installations in a computer, ADE offers the option to authorize the computer without an Adobe ID, but that will then limit the viewing of that book to that computer alone. Unless that is your specific goal, that option should be avoided.

(5) Remember that once a book has been first opened to a specific Adobe ID, it can than only be read from a device authorized to that Adobe ID.  If you end up with books authorized to different Adobe IDs, you will have to read them on the devices that are properly authorized or change the Authorization of the computer or device, as discussed below.

(6) You can easily change authorizations or a computer or mobile device, but each time you make an authorization it is counted as one of the 6 allowed by Adobe. This is sometimes referred to as "6 devices," but it is actually 6 authorizations, regardless of device. To change authorization in the Bluefire App for iPad or Andriod tablets, just go to the setting button and make the change. To de-authorize a computer, open ADE, and go to the Library view, then press Ctrl+Shift+d for Windows computers, or Cmd + Shift + d for Mac computers.  At that point you will get a reminder that this does not increase the number of authorizations allowed, and after that you can authorize it with a different Adobe ID. In short, however, it remains  best to use only one Adobe ID. If your number of authorizations is exceeded, you can contact Adobe Support and request your authorization count be extended.

(7) If your goal is to read the books in an iPad or Android tablet, or other mobile device, the first step is to download the ascm file to a computer and authorize the book with your chosen Adobe ID. Then follow the app instructions on how to copy it to the mobile device from your computer. For Apple iOS devices, this is done via the file transfer option in the apps section of iTunes.

(8) Following these guidelines makes it easy and convenient to read your books in multiple devices. These are essentially the same rules and guidelines needed for any ebook system that supports multiple devices.

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